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Ronin Warriors the toilet paper!

When you get into a show three years after it aired in the USA and almost a decade after it ran originally, good merch is gonna be hard to find. So in the spirit of DIY (or at least of broke kids with time on our hands), we made our own. Though it's not pictured below, Tenshi bought a green 3.5" floppy disk case from her college bookstore, glued a B&W pintout of Sage's face to it, colored it with prismacolors and covered in in glitter. Then she stored rainbow-colored floppies with all her fanfic and homework in it. It was her first Ronin Craft. It was also the motherfucking dark ages, is what we're saying.

The Ronin Journal

The orginal. (Coming in 2015!)


Paperdolls, magnets, and paper ornaments. (Coming in 2015!)


Braided things and bling. (Coming in 2015!)


Sculptures, stickers, dolls, glass ornaments, etc. (Coming in 2015!)

Hold it right there
Tenshi made a set of Ronin paperdolls in '98, but without any artbooks, she had to pause the video for armor reference.