The Teahouse

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I got your picture up on the shelf

Not a comprehensive gallery, though those do still exist on the internet. This is our own collection, archived here for the noble purpose of knowing what the hell we already own next time we go to an anime convention.


Mooks, Photobooks, Artist Collections, Tie-ins, Tie-downs, Tie-ups. (Coming in 2015!)

Other Official Art

Shitajiki, calendars, trading cards, posters. (Coming in 2015!)


Fragile pieces of anime art history that we put in frames on our walls because we are total jerks. (Coming in 2015!)

Action Figures

And other uncatgorizable ephemera. Like washcloths. (Coming in 2015!)

Trenchcoat fulla doujinshi
Before eBay was a thing, we got most of our YST goods from a dude posted in Japan. He had a Yahoo ML for buyers.