Our House

* * *


The Teahouse

Our room full of everything Ronin Warriors (aka Yoroiden Samurai Troopers). Mind the tigerhole.

The Library

Our doujinshi and artbook collection. We are earnest supporters of fanmade amateur gay comics we can't read.

The Office

Our Final Fantasy VII world: ShinRa Ink. Reno will strip-search you on the way in. (Not for security, it's just what he does.)

The Chapel

When I was your age, we had to walk five miles barefoot in the snow uphill both ways on Geocities to build our character shrines.

The Kitchen

All this visiting making you hungry? Come sample our favorite recipes in the kitchen!

The Attic

Rummage through some old boxes of tinsel for some festive nostalgia: all our advent calendars!

The Closet

Never let Cloud Strife in your closet. He'll come out wearing your clothes and thinking he's you. Our Cosplay!

The Gallery

There's my last duchess there on the wall, right next to Squall and Zell getting it on. All the fanart we've received!

The Back Door

Had enough of this nonsense? Make your excuses and leave via our handy links page!

Since 1997
Bishonenink began as a page for Tenshi's Ronin fanart page and (mary sue) fanfic in Geocities' Tokyo/Ginza district.