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Because it's not exactly canon; because we'd like to share it with you. Because the Montague family is just too cool not to introduce. So, here are the citizens of our Midgar. Anything of questionable canon should be listed with the title of the appropriate explanatory fic.
All ages relevant to gametime.

Complete Final Fantasy VII Fic Listing

ShinRa & Affiliates

Rufus ShinRa

Rufus ShinRa, age 21.
Son of the late President ShinRa. Did not blow to hell with the rest of his office, due to a rather fortunate accident involving Reeve's meddling and some exit materia. (see "timing.") After a rough time at the ending of the world (see "golden lie"), currently founding a new energy company with the help of the new ShinRa operatives and his faithful Turks. In the business of manufacturing dams and hydraulics for Dio and the Gold Saucer (the only guy on the Planet rich enough to fund alternate energy sources). Has set up headquarters at the old ShinRa mansion in Nibelheim. (see "Voices.")


Horatio Reeve, age 33.
Sporky cat, sometime toy-maker and urban engineer. Don't tell him we told you his first name-- he hates it, has gone by his last ever since his days at Midgar U's Engineering College. The one-man show responsible for most of ShinRa's current energy projects. Has been known to sneak ham from the mansion kitchen for his cat, the original Cait Sith (pronounced "cat shee"). Has had it pretty bad for Rufus for a few years, but after the end of the world, they find an unusual sort of truce. Is currently falling for Elena...

Agent Frost

Agent Frost, age unknown.
A ShinRa agent in Costa del Sol, a mystery to most everybody. Tall and tan, with short white hair and a perpetual pair of sunglasses. Seems to know a little bit about everything, and never says much about it, either.


Zax Darklighter a.k.a. Zack Fair, age 24.
Former SOLDIER First Class, escaped Hojo's clutches with Cloud Strife, only to be caught and shot repeatedly at point-blank range by ShinRa troops. Survives, thanks to the Jenova cells introduced to his body. (see "Redemption Day.") Currently living in Cloud's villa in Costa del Sol, where he runs a bar. With his partner Frost, is part of the ShinRa-AVALANCHE information network. (His last name is in the grand tradition of borrowing Star Wars names, in this case, that of the best friend of the hero who gets bumped off early.)

Eleanor ShinRa, (deceased)
Rufus' Mother. A former under-plate showgirl, she was lured to the surface by a young Jack ShinRa's charm and money. The romance quickly cooled, and Eleanor took comfort in a bottle and her bodyguard: a Turk by the name of Raife St. James. Together they spent long hours at LaVitesse, where Eleanor made love to a microphone while Raife played the piano and wished he was making love to her. When President ShinRa caught wind of the affair, he called in a hit on Raife, Rude's longtime partner. Eleanor hung herself shortly after Raife's death. (See "Doves Cry: Condolences," "Auld Lang Syne," and "Infamous Love Song.")



Tseng, age 31.
Born in Wutai; raised by his mother and her memories of his absent father. Has wanted to be a Turk since he was a small child, when she told him that was his father's occupation. Moved to Midgar at a young age and proceeded up the ranks in ShinRa with alacrity and dedication. Has been Rufus' bodyguard for the past five years. (see "Doves Cry: Lessons.") Aeris and AVALANCHE helped him out of the Temple of the Ancients in a sticky spot (you didn't think they'd just leave him there, did you?), and Reeve and Elena find him in the jungle, after the ending of the world. (See "Precious Little.") And the dot on his forehead? The Wutaian mark of the bastard child, the brand that prevented him from inheriting any fortune (or a last name). (See "Inheritance")


Rudolph Alexander, age 34.
Rude for short. Recruited by and later partner of the Turk Raife, at about the time that Tseng joins. (Wears sunglasses because his eyes don't match-- one blue, one green. Ssh.) At a Sector Four bar, he got entangled in a bar brawl and had his life saved by a red-haired rentboy who had remarkable skill with a barstool. Rude offered Reno a position in Turks training on the spot. A few days later, Raife was killed by a drive-by hit in Sector Two. Rude became silent and withdrawn after the death of his partner, and remains so. Reno seems to be the only person who can get him out of his shell. He has a brotherly attachment to Elena, and wants to ensure that she's taken care of. He's the medic for the Turks, and the nicest one in the bunch.


Reno Montague, age 23.
Oldest of nine siblings and the youngest Turk ever, Reno was brought into the group at age 17 to fill in the gap made by Raife's death. Reno's father was killed during a train derailment when Reno was 14. To support his mother, younger brothers and sisters, Reno became one of the boys at the Silk Pavilion in Wall Market (a very high class sort of call boy agency). During that time he became an addict of the materia-based street drug, candathine (candy). He quit at the same time as he became a Turk, but he still has a lingering touch of unnatural mako glare in his eyes as a side effect. Before Meteor, Reno consistently sent a measure of his pay to support his family, and to ensure that his siblings wouldn't have to do what he did. See "The Mixed Signals Series")


Elena LeBeau, age 26.
Not the first femme Turk, but certainly the only one in recent memory. (The most famous female Turk would be the one who started La Vitesse when she retired.) Born in Midgar and determined to make her way in the world, Elena worked as Heidegger's secretary for several years, till being recruited by Tseng at the firing range (her aim is remarkable). Dated Reno briefly when she was a trainee, with rather disastrous results. (see "No Connection.") Became a full-fledged Turk after Reno's famous Sector 7 incident, stayed on even after he recovered from his injuries. Has had a crush on Tseng, an attraction he does nothing to repress. It's not common knowledge, but she is Rufus' half-sister, due to some of President ShinRa's philandering before Rufus' birth.

Raife St.James, (deceased)
Rude's partner before Reno, he was assigned to escort and guard Eleanor ShinRa, and paid the price for falling in love with her. Rude took out the assassins who killed him, but he knows the real man responsible is President Jack ShinRa. Rude still buys Raife a bottle of his favorite Blue Dragoon brandy every Christmas. (See "Auld Lang Syne" and "Infamous Love Song.")

The Montague Family

(Reno being the oldest of nine siblings... Yes, an entire family of redheads. No, we hadn't even heard of HP at the time. Fushigi Yuugi is actually to blame.)

Phoenix & Diego

Phoenix & Diego, age 21.
(Yes, they even share a blurb.) Phoenix has short-cut red hair that spikes softly on top (not like Cloud's). A computer whiz, problem solver, good with numbers. Has been known to work miracles with damaged helicopters. He is rarely out of the company of Diego, his younger twin, who has wild spikes in front and a ponytail in back. Used to work as the bouncer at the Honey Bee. The artistic type, the creative one, multiple ear piercings and nipple rings and all. They have matching tattoos on their backsides (that their Ma doesn't know about): Phoenix, right side, the kanji for "brother," Diego, left side, the kanji for "love."


Angelo, age 19.
Wears his hair in a sleek long ponytail, unlike his rather boisterous older brothers. Brilliant-- scientific knack, round glasses, the works. Also painfully shy. Reno made a point to insure that Angelo would never have to work anywhere... compromising. Wildly curious about the whole world, and likes nothing better than to learn. (Think a younger Gast.) Winds up being the scientific research assistant to Agent Frost.

Jess, age 18.
Full name, Jessica. The oldest girl, she grew up with the boys, and so she wants to be one. She has hair shorter than Phoenix's and likes to talk tough and not wear girlie things. She worships the ground Elena walks on.

Cassie, age 17.
Full name, Cassandra. Thoughtful, quiet, with curly red hair. She has a huge crush on Rufus, even though she's never actually met him (yet!).

Kellie, age 16.
Full name, Kellie Maria. Funny, helpful, and with a quick temper, she takes after her eldest brother.

Angelina, age 14.
Full name, Angelina Theresa. (Doesn't hold for anyone trying to call her "Angie.") Moody, acts older than she is, writes poetry, and wants to dye her hair black. (NO, Angelina! ...But MA!)

Katie, age 13.
Full name, Katherine Elizabeth. Thinks Reno hung the moon.

Ma, (you don't ask a woman her age).
Their mother is small, plump, and very, well, Italian. (Geez, get a load of what she named her kids!)

Series Fanfic

the complete fanfic series in (mostly) chronological story order, from 1999-2014.
(Story quality may vary with age.)

The Mixed Signals Series
by Tenshi
February - May 2006.

Mixed Signals: Substitutions
Meet Reno Montague, age 17. Occupation: rentboy.

Mixed Signals: Dreams
...It's no way to make a living.

Mixed Signals: Opportunities
Preliminary job screening.

Mixed Signals: Introductions
Meet Reno Montague, age 17. Occupation: Turk.

Mixed Signals: Partners
On-the-job training.

Mixed Signals: Expectations
Team-building exercises.

by llamajoy
In which someone gets what's coming to him, and Rude has a beer.
(Mixed Signals Epilogue)

Let It Snow
by Tenshi
Holiday 2004.
Rude, Reno, and a pool table.

One Man Army
by Tenshi
Zack & Sephiroth: first impressions.

Call of Duty
by Tenshi
Zack & Sephiroth: ...second impressions.

Doves Cry Series
by Tenshi

Doves Cry: Condolences
Rufus has a conversation with his father,
after his mother's death.

Doves Cry: Lessons
Rufus meets the Turks,
and has an altercation with his bodyguard.

Doves Cry: Scars
Reno gets his scars, and Rufus gets a clue.

Doves Cry: Targets
Rufus hits the mark at last. Final installment in the series.

by Tenshi
a gift that's more than meets the eye.

Auld Lang Syne
by Tenshi
[written for holiday 2002] Yule, Midgar-style.

Hall of the Mountain King
by Tenshi
This is the way the world ends-- Vincent's dreaming.

No Connection
by llamajoy
A brief love affair, Elena and Reno.

by llamajoy
it's not all fun and games at ShinRa, Inc.

What Blooms in Winter
by llamajoy
Reeve... and a kitten in the snow.

Long Time Passing
by Tenshi
Holiday 2006.
When will they ever learn?

Three's A Crowd
by Tenshi
2 May 2009.
Though Aeris doesn't think so.

Thin Air
by Tenshi
16 May 2008.
It's not the altitude.

Voice Mail
by Tenshi
And there's a heart that's breaking, down this long-distance line tonight. (Turkfic, explicit.)

Find Your Own Way Out
by llamajoy
Elena takes a dare, and fails to solve a famous mystery.

by Tenshi
[written for Con*Strict 2001] Hares after a fox.

Chocobo Racing
by llamajoy
2 October 2007.
Cloud is good at something. Shortfic.

Sleight of Hand
by Tenshi
December 2, 2013
Cid, Vincent, & ShinRa's mistakes

Beneath the Ice
by Tenshi
The night is silent in your hands.

by llamajoy
Reeve gets a little more than he bargained for.

Free to Fly Tonight
by llamajoy

Fallen City
by llamajoy
How did the Turks get out Midgar, anyway?

Golden Lie
by llamajoy
What to do with your own personal miracle?

Precious Little
by llamajoy
Desperately tseeking Tseng.

by Tenshi
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair...

by Tenshi
Halloween ain't got nothin' on the Turks in the Shinra mansion.

Redemption Day
part one
part two
part three
part four
by Tenshi

Identity Theft
by Tenshi
a sestina for Zax.

Turkish Delight: Pas de Trois
by llamajoy
a ROMANTIC dream, on Christmas Eve.

No More Valentines
by Tenshi
Even helicopter crashes have their advantages...

by Tenshi
More than Vincent dreamed of.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
by Tenshi
How do you hide from an enemy that sleeps under the skin?

by Tenshi
[written for holiday 2001] A Yuletide party, and Frost revealed.

Find Your Heart
by Tenshi
[written for holiday 2001] The long-awaited Yule after "Turkish Delight."

by Tenshi
Holiday 2005.
All I want is to be your harbor.

Infamous Love Song
by Tenshi
December 12, 2013
Rude's past and his present.

Advent Children & Extended Timeline

While Mortals Sleep
by llamajoy
Holiday 2005.
A word that was never meant to be singular.

To Hell and Regroup
by Tenshi
Old Turks never die. Drabble.

Touch and Go
by Tenshi
Nothing's better than the first time. Except maybe the second first time. (Reno & Rude)

Second-Hand Smoke
by llamajoy
In which Elena finds simple reassurance.

The Closer You Get
by llamajoy
15 May 2006.
Cloud, after all this time, might actually get it. ...To Tifa's surprise.

Old City Bar
by Tenshi
24 December 2009.
No place like home for the holidays.

A Host of Seraphim
by Tenshi
December 24, 2013
Sometimes the Past comes looking for you.


The Turkish Hairbrush Song
by Tenshi & llamajoy

by Tenshi & llamajoy

by Tenshi

Prince of the City
by Tenshi
[This is AU. To say more would be to give it away.]

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Angelo and Frost
Angelo in the rain
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the Montague twins
Diego is not a morning person
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