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Character Shrines

Back in the old days (read:1998), the way to show fandom that a character really hots your socks was to build a shrine for them. Ideally, it would have an eye-stabbing repeating tiled background and a bunch of doujinshi art swiped off of ebay auctions, but as time went on we all realized that what the hell no this looks terrible so we all quit doing it. Nevertheless, web 1.0 nostalgia is a big deal these days, so here for you to savor (or point and laugh) are the landing pages of all our old shrines. Someday we may rebuild them all! But that is not this day. (For a start, we'd need to find pictures that don't look like total ass.) We do still have one shrine running: Scattershot Stars, llamajoy's Billy Lee Black Shrine.

aite: llamajoy's shrine to Seifer of Final Fantasy VIII

Burning Rave: Tenshi's shrine to Zell of Final Fantasy VIII

On Second Thought: llamajoy's shrine to Reeve of Final Fantasy VII

Ghost in the Machine: Tenshi's shrine to Zax Darklighter Zack Fair of Final Fantasy VII

The Last Blessing: Tenshi's shrine to Grissom of Vagrant Story

White to Black: llamajoy's shrine to Jessie B. Black of Xenogears

The Gebler Puppies: Tenshi's shrine to Elly's Special Forces Team from Xenogears

West of the Moon: llamajoy's shrine to Remus J. Lupin of Harry Potter

Ladyhawk: llamajoy's shrine to Madam Hooch of Harry Potter

Milk and Honey: Tenshi's shrine to Koenma of Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Lime jell-o?
Once someone wrote us an angry letter to say (SOLDIER 1st Class) Zack was never infused with Mako. I wonder what's in this tank, then?